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Alumni News: Reunion 2023!

Images from Reunion 2023 are now online! Click here to view the full gallery.


Ed Carroll ’56 Recognized with Classroom Named in His Honor

Ed Carroll ’56 returned to campus on Friday, May 19, for the unveiling of a classroom dedicated in his name, honoring his resilience and bravery as the first Black graduate of Friends Seminary. The light-filled classroom on the fifth floor of the Townhouse Building will be utilized by students and teachers for generations to come. During a ceremony, Head of School Bo Lauder shared an important historical document with the attendees: a 1944 petition signed by all but two Upper School Friends students. The petition, which was delivered to the Board of Trustees and Principal, called for the School to admit “members of all racial, as well as religious bodies, to the great opportunity of education here at Friends Seminary.” The document was instrumental in the School integrating years before the landmark Brown v. Board of Education decision declared “separate but equal” standards of racial segregation unconstitutional.

Following Bo’s remarks, Ed cut a red ribbon to the newly named space, and was then joined inside by several of his classmates, his wife, Rachel, other alumni, current students, faculty and staff. A modest man, Ed has been hesitant to be lionized for the significant role he played at the School even though he was a pioneer at Friends, during a time when the nation’s public schools were racially segregated and the country was deep in the throes of profound upheaval over racial inequality. It was a period of racial unrest not unlike the Black Lives Matter protests of the last decade. Despite the turmoil, Ed said his time at Friends were the “best four years of my life.”

“Friends was the last best community I belonged to,” revealed Ed. “My four years there mean the world to me.”


Class of 1973 Returns to 16th Street to Celebrate their 50th Reunion

Members of the Class of 1973 returned to Friends on Friday, May 19 for their 50th Reunion. The day began with a luncheon attended by Bo Lauder and Advancement Staff. After the luncheon, members of the Class of 1973 who participated in the Pen Pal Project met with their Grade 4 pen pals. During the school year, fourth graders in Marcus Leslie’s class and alumni from the Class of 1973 exchanged letters to learn about each other and how being a student at Friends has changed, as well as how it has stayed the same. Later in the day Jessica Amelar '73, John Frye '73, Amy Goldfarb '73, Sabrina Hamilton '73 and Mitch Sedgwick ’73 from the Class of 1973 held a roundtable discussion with Ivory ’23, Marcus ’23, Jack ’23, Ahmed ’23, as part of their 50th Reunion. Their discussion focused on their Friends experience and future plans for college and beyond. The day concluded with Upper School Latin V students' presentations at the annual Latin Colloquium.


Latin Colloquium

On May 19 Upper School Latin V students showcased their semester’s work during Friends’ annual Latin Colloquium. Christel Johnson, Chair, World Languages Department, cites the Latin Colloquium, introduced in 2007, as an important way to elevate students’ scholarly work. She explains, “It is modeled on the colloquiums that I participated in as a graduate and undergrad. Students share and engage in conversation about their work. It’s a high pressure environment that prepares them for defensive scholarship.”


Alumni Basketball Game

The Alumni Basketball Game was held on Friday, May 19 as part of Reunion programming. The turnout was great, and a close game was settled by a game winning shot by Dyllon Gibbs ’09.


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