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Changemakers: Stefanos Tai ’13

Each month, Friends will profile an alum or faculty member who is working to bring about a world that ought to be. This month the School is featuring filmmaker Stefanos Tai ’13.

“In Hong Kong there are about 200,000 Filipina domestic workers. They work non-stop and many are abused, but in spite of their sacrifice and suffering, they dance wildly in the streets on Sundays.” Stefanos Tai ’13 sought out to capture the beauty, grace and perseverance of these women while he was working as a commercial director in Hong Kong. Within three months of living there, he knew a film had to be made. The film we don’t dance for nothing combines still images with high-octane dance numbers, all shot on super 16 film, to tell the story of these women. The film is the world’s first of its kind. Click here to read the full story.

"Friends and its Quaker values are idealistic. They force you to consider right from wrong. I always thought everyone grew up considering those questions, but when I left Friends, I realized it had been a true gift to be asked, ‘How do you bring about a world that ought to be?'" - Stefanos Tai '13

Do you know someone in the Friends community that is working to bring about a world that ought to be? Nominate a Friend to be featured by emailing Michael Mudho at


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