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Class Notes

Class Notes are shared on a monthly basis here in the Alumni Update. Are you celebrating a milestone? Moving to a new city? Finally learning French? Please reach out to your Class Secretary to share your news and look out for it in a future Update.

Class of 1953

L. Bradford Greene passed away on October 20, 2021

Class of 1960

As reported by Bronwen Cunningham

This summer, I took my son, daughter in law and three grandchildren to Europe to cruise the Rhine from Basel, Switzerland, up to France, through Germany and landing in Amsterdam. It was a wonderful time to all spend together and explore four countries. What a treat after all that pandemic time at home.

As reported by Jane Edelstein Rosenbloom

Jane Edelstein Rosenbloom divides her time, with her husband Arthur, between New York City and Scottsdale, Arizona. Their daughter Maggie is a social worker in Washington, D. C., and their son Jeffrey is a residential real estate broker in Scottsdale, Arizona. Jane and Arthur are the proud grandparents of twins, Olivia and Wesley, who live in Scottsdale also!

Class of 1962

As reported by Randall Nichols

I am still contracted full-time for two government agencies: NIST & ASSURE44. Also, I am teaching in my Cybersecurity graduate programs at Kansas State University until 2023. For the last 50 years, I have devoted my life to protecting the United States and training counter-terrorism resources to do so in various fields and missions. I am proud to say that my ~20,000+ graduate students are in responsible positions in every major defense and law enforcement organization. Between 2018-2021, with the help of international subject matter experts, I have written five seminal textbooks on the subjects of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (CUAS), Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUV), and Disruptive Technologies and their offensive/defensive roles in the cyber domain. They are all available as Free (no cost or royalty) downloadable in PDF format, e-textbooks through New Prairie Press (NPP) at: You replace “XX” at the end of the link with numbers 21, 27, 31, 35, or 38 to download the individual subjects. Please feel free to share these links with interested colleagues or drone enthusiasts. As a birthright Quaker, I would rather seek peace than war, unity, not division, devotion, and duty rather disengagement and disinformation. However, drones (UAS) are much more advanced and potentially harmful than Walmart toys or wild racing units.

Class of 1967

As reported by Pierre Lehu

Emily Gallo has let us know that a new granddaughter, Joelle Billie Saur, was born on February 6, 2021 and her seventh novel, "DREAMer" was published in April 2021.

I have partly come out of retirement to be the editor of Bay, the upscale fashion and lifestyle magazine of the Tampa Bay Times! —Susan Martin

Little news here other than with all the climate horrors, we, here in Southern California, did not use our air conditioning at all this summer. —Lisa Macchia

Nothing as exciting as grandchildren to report. I'm working part time as administrative assistant to couples' therapists and growing/selling organic produce on our two-acre plot. Also volunteering for the CASA program—Court Appointed Special Advocate to a child in foster care. Plenty to keep me busy and to give thanks for. —Ellen Ferguson

Joanne and I welcomed our fourth grandchild, James Joseph Lehu Frawley. And we’ve begun training for a planned trip next fall on the Camino Santiago, walking 100 miles in ten days in Portugal and Spain led, it turns out, by a Quaker. —Pierre Lehu

Class of 1971

As Reported by Laura Ward

Jack Arning is looking forward to getting his Moderna booster so he may start going to the gym and out without a mask.

Rick Brown writes that he too is looking into getting the booster. Rick’s daughter, Elizabeth, graduated from Rutgers Law School two years ago and recently completed a clerkship with a New Jersey Civil Court Judge. Elizabeth is joining a small firm in New Jersey.

Rachel Sawyer reports that she and her husband are moving back to the east coast. They are leaving California having bought a house in Ambler, Pennsylvania.

Tim Scudder reports that the big news in his life is the birth of his grandson, Caleb Timothy Guess, on May 27. Tim and his wife spent the month of June and the first week of October in California with their daughter, son-in-law, and new grandson. The Scudders love being grandparents. The last week of August, my boyfriend and I got into my car to head to Palo Alto for a wedding. Our first stop was Washington DC, where we visited my sister Carolyn Ward, ’74. From there we stopped at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Asheville, North Carolina; Nashville, Tennessee; Little Rock, Arkansas; El Reno, Oklahoma; Santa Fe, New Mexico; Lee Vining, California; Kenab, Utah; Palo Alto; Salt Lake City; Lincoln, Nebraska; Freemont, Indiana; and home. All in all we visited 25 states and the District of Columbia. This country is amazing. So diverse, not only politically, but scenically. We visited five national parks—all beautiful. After five weeks in a car, we are still talking to each other. I am now back in the courthouse.

Class of 1973

Oren Jacoby ’73 recently directed a documentary, “On Broadway.” You can read more here.

Class of 1975

As reported by Francesca Bruno and Adam Owett

Adam Owett writes, “Hi everyone, I’ve taken over as our co-class secretary. Thank you Delice for doing it for so long! I have both happy and sad news to share. My mother, who many of you knew, passed away in February. She led an amazing life and was a role model for many working mothers to be. We miss her dearly. My daughter, Lola, graduated from Friends last year and is now attending Tufts. My son Jonah is in 8th Grade at Friends carrying on our tradition.”

Fran’s big news is that she is now officially an Italian citizen some 3 years after starting the process. Italian governmental bureaucracy never worked very swiftly and the COVID shutdowns brought all of their processes to a grinding halt. It was a long haul but she’s happy to have it done and will joyfully retrieve her passport from the NYC consulate in January!

Delice Bolotin writes that she has moved to Coldwell Banker Realty in Darien, CT and would be happy to help anyone looking to move to Fairfield County or provide exceptional referrals to agents anywhere in the US.

Robert Michels sent us photos of his daughter’s wedding and his gorgeous granddaughter. Here’s what he had to say: That's me, my daughter Allie, and her six-month-old daughter Isla (pronounced "Eye-luh"). Only grandchild so far, but I'm pitchin' for more. Living the pleasant retired life with wife #2 in the Berkshires. (Still friends with wife #1!) Staying busy driving patients who don't have access to a car to and from their doctors appointments.Daughter and her family live in Lexington, MA, so I can drive the Mass Pike in my sleep. (I'm a good babysitter.) Son (he's single) lives in Brooklyn. Bill Foote is still my brother from another mother. Still play the piano, just for pleasure.

My main creative outlet nowadays is photography. Still exercise habitually, maybe because I was in the business for many years. Looks like I'll be doing my Sisyphus imitation in the gym until I can't do it no more. It hurts to think about our classmates who didn't make it this far. As Lefty Gomez said... "I'd rather be lucky than good." Hopefully, see you all at the school for our 50th (gulp!) in 2025.

Sarah Warner Bourne writes: After 32 years working for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I retired at the end of June. My career there started as the Technical Librarian for what is now the Executive Office of Technology Services and Security. That led to being the Commonwealth’s first webmaster, and through various changes, ended up with being the Director of IT Accessibility (making sure people with disabilities can use the Commonwealth’s online systems and services.) My husband, Jonathan Bourne, retired at the same time. Our plan was to do a lot of traveling when we retired, but of course the pandemic has put those plans on hold, although we are hoping to get to NYC to see the Jasper Johns exhibit at the Whitney this winter. Meanwhile, we are catching up on decades of deferred chores and projects and unread books, and trying to learn how to sleep late."

Class of 1983

As reported by Chris Noble

Norrell Hayne Noble, who was head of the Middle School from 1979 to 1982, and who worked closely with Joyce McCray and Barclay Palmer in school leadership, died on Oct. 23. He was 89.

At the time of his death Noble was living in New Haven, Connecticut, where he and his wife of 62 years, Françoise, had found a comfortable home after decades of globe trotting during which New York City was their base. The main medical cause of death was congestive heart failure, but it is simpler, and at least as accurate, to say that Noble died of old age after a long, productive and adventure-filled life. His death was not COVID-19 related.

Noble moved with his family to New York City from Yaoundé, Cameroon, in 1979, to take up the head of middle school role. Prior to his time at Friends, he had served for three years as director of education programs for the Peace Corps in Cameroon.

Noble was born in Grenada, Mississippi, on Dec. 23, 1931, the youngest son, and second surviving child, of Lawrence Everman Noble and Catherine Leavell Noble. His older sister Rose died in infancy.

He is survived by his wife, two sons — Lawrence, of Storrs, Connecticut, and Christopher (Friends Seminary ’83), of Albany, California — three grandsons and one granddaughter.

Class of 1996

Natalie A. Nymark was featured last month in Adweek where she shared insights on how advertising agencies battle for talent. You can read more here.

Class of 2009

D’Meca Homer was married to Anthony Maddox on October 10, 2021 in Dallas, Texas


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