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Class Notes

Class of 1957

As written by John Schwartz ’57

Memorial Tribute to Stephen Ramseyer ‘57:

Stephen Ramseyer, who joined the Class of 1957 for his last two years of high school, died August 11, 2022. At Friends, Steve played on the soccer team and, in his senior year, served on the Yearbook Committee. After graduation, he received his BA from Haverford College, an MS in metallurgical engineering from Lehigh University and, in 1966, a PhD from the Case Institute of Technology. He married Ellen Goehring in 1967. He and Ellen lived the rest of their lives in the Schenectady-Albany area of New York State, with brief moves to Connecticut and Virginia. Steve worked as an engineer, most recently for Knolls Atomic Power Labs, which designs, builds and maintains nuclear-powered ships. He retired in 2008, moved from his farm house to a townhouse in Clifton Park, NY, where he volunteered in many organizations, including the local library, and was a supporter of the regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York. He is survived by his son, Tod, and his daughter, Jennifer Breslin, and two grandchildren.

Class of 1960

As reported by Neil Mitchell ’60

Laura and I finally made the move out of NYC and into our former summer home in Amagansett in Eastern Long Island. Our Sutton Place three bedroom co-op lingered on the market for over two years, thanks to the pandemic, but finally got sold in April 2022. Since we no longer have a Super, I am belatedly trying to learn the art of the handyman.

I left for boarding school after ninth grade, but by then had accumulated many wonderful Friends memories. I was saddened to learn of Larry Pratt’s passing. I saw him periodically at NY Yale class lunches and was aware of his mounting medical issues. He had been (I think) editor of The Yale Record, which was a great outlet for his rather dry, or even sardonic, sense of humor. Sic transit gloria mundi.

It actually took me about 20 seconds to remember my high school graduation year. This reminded me of a Roger Miller (“King of the Road”) quip. When asked where and when he had attended college, he responded: “Korea, Clash of 52.”

Love to all of you, Neil

Class of 1962

As reported by Randall Nichols '62:

My seventh book in the UAS/CUAS/UUV series was just published. It is entitled Space Systems: Emerging Technologies and Operations.

Class of 1965

As reported by Susan Reid '65:

August 2022 in Paris, Laura Davidson Tanna ’65 and Susan Reid ’65 enjoyed a marvelous personal reunion. “Astounding how time flies by, but the fundamentals of friendship remain constant.”

Photo: Hotel Sully, Places Des Voges

Class of 1966

As reported by Pat Rosenfield '66:

“Classmate Prue Bach Mortimer ’66 and I received sad news. Our fellow classmate, Kerry Ellis-Swan ’66 died on March 19, 2022. We have no other details, other than the attached obituary. She was a great horsewoman and raised horses on farms in New York and South Carolina. If we find out more information, we will send it along. Growing up together, Kerry was a warm and good friend to many of us, and will be missed by all.”

Class of 1971

As reported by Laura Ward '71:

These past few COVID years have been challenging for everyone. With restrictions letting up I, with my partner, Henry, traveled to Lisbon and Copenhagen. We visited friends who recently moved to Copenhagen. Although two very different cities, we had a wonderful time in both. Rick Brown wrote that his daughter, Elizabeth, got married in August. Elizabeth is an attorney at Wong & Fleming in Princeton, New Jersey. Unfortunately Rick and his wife, like many of us, I am afraid, had COVID. Thankfully, their symptoms were not severe. Rachel Sawyer and her husband have moved back to the east coast. They purchased a home in Ambler, Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia. She describes the area as “kind of next to Bucks County." Welcome back Rachel.

Class of 2006

On October 17, Naledi Samela ’06 — an Antiracist Educator and the Browning School's Director of Equitable Practices and Social Impact—joined Riise for a discussion on how to understand the social elements families should consider when sending their Black boy scholars to an independent school.

Class of 2016

On October 7, Chi Osse’16 was joined by Upper School teacher Josh Goren at a fundraiser for his re-election hosted by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Shout out and congratulations to Cal Freundlich ’16 for being one of two NYU students who scored two of the three Student Academy Award winning documentaries of 2022! Click here to read more about his work.


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