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Class Notes

Class of 1946

As reported by Stuart Robinson ’46

Roberta Goldring, Paul Coleman and I have met for a couple of Zoom sessions during the past year. Nonagenarians all, I realize our doings have very limited alumni relevance, save for the few contemporaries you listed in your reply to Paul’s inquiry. Nonetheless, I thought I’d send you a couple of brief factoids to do with what you choose. Linda (my wife of 50+ years) and I are happy residents (for the past five years) of a retirement community just south of San Diego, where we had lived since leaving NYC in 1987. I still teach some tennis and play weekly with a couple of patient younger people. Three National Senior championships afford me the “street cred” to keep them feeding me balls. Paul was given his own lab at ASU when he turned 90 and has been doing ground-breaking Alzheimer research for the past five years. ASU has come a long way from a “campus in the desert” and is now considered one of the leading universities in the world. Along with the lab and staffing with which they lured Paul to join the university, they provided him with several millions of equipment. Roberta (Bobby) Goldring continues to teach pulmonary medicine at NYU, as well as practicing part-time at Bellevue.

Class of 1952

As reported by Martha Green ’52

Peter Stack shares, “Once Covid seemed to subside and NYC began to open up a bit I took the opportunity to go to the Rose Theater at Lincoln center for a performance by Yuja Wang, a brilliant and flamboyant pianist. Truly an outstanding talent. Also saw Lawrence Fishbein in a revival of Buffalo Nickel (three losers trying to plan a robbery. They didn't succeed.) After the Avery Fisher Hall was renovated to the tune of $550 million and renamed for a major contributor, David Geffen, who donated $100 million, I went to see/hear "Holiday Brass" played by the brass section of the NY Philharmonic. The holiday music was excellent as was the whole venue. People with a better ear than me raved about the acoustics. I also managed a fall golf trip to Charleston and Myrtle Beach in SC. Great weather and golf courses---I wish I could say the same about my game.

Best wishes, Peter

Tony Taussig shares, “Joanne and I are still enjoying living in Del Mar, CA since we moved from Maryland in 2004. We are as healthy as one can be at our age and amazed that our kids are approaching retirement age. Doug lives five miles from us, and Cara is in New Hampshire. Joanne is busy redecorating the living room ,and I am enjoying walking on the beach every morning. Best wishes and Happy New Year, Tony.”

Class of 1971

As reported by Hon. Laura Ward ’71

John Crawford continues to create smaller scale and monumental-size scale work in steel and other metals. He was featured in a wonderful article in Brutjournal where his art was described as “inquisitive, inventive, technically skilled, very determined craftsman who uses his hands and also some heavy machinery.” Check out the article. Deborah Hauer Schwartz is back in New York and living on the west side, while working remotely. Jon Walsh writes that he is up north during the summers teaching sailing and a little woodworking to kids. I saw Ellen Bear at a Citizen’s Union event, where Ellen is a board member. I am still sitting in Supreme Court, Criminal Term, in Manhattan, but I managed to travel this year. My sister Carolyn '74, and I traveled with friends to hike in Arches and Canyonlands National Parks in Utah. I went to Cabo San Lucas with Carolyn and my partner. In addition to her comment about turning 70, Donna Rich also wrote that she is enjoying life in the Berkshires. I heard from Rick Brown and Tim Scudder who reported all is well.

Class of 1975

We are sad to report the untimely death of Cassandra Rampaul-Shaw on December 15, 2022.

Class of 1976

As reported by Suzanne Telsey ’76

Tina (Argentina) Wilkinson writes: "Hi and Happy 2023! Rose and I are still in London—our 15th year here! It’s going on my 30th year in Europe, and I’m still loving it. The pandemic has made life interesting, and I’ve been back to NY less often but hoping to change that. I’ve been working in AI and find it amazing—but of course it all depends on the size of the black swan flock. Hope to see everyone in May…"

Jonathan Fabricant writes: “Hello fellow Friends alumni! Here is a pic of my studio in Copake, New York with some of my prints in various states of completion. I am living up here about 3/4 of the time, spending the rest of the time in Brooklyn.”

Class of 1981

As reported by Rachel Jones ’81

I am running a mobile veterinary clinic in Joshua Tree, CA, after selling my brick and mortar practice of 16 years. I would love to hear from anyone in our class so please feel free to update me on what is going at I wish everyone a blessed New Year this 2023.

Class of 1982

As reported by Liz Baer ’82

Recently several members of the Class of 1982 had a mini-reunion, to include Robert Adler, Lisa Hertz, Melanie Roth Gorelick, and Lisa Steele Herman. I think we're all a bit jealous that they got to see each other!

Class of 1990

Friends librarians, our link to the past and gateway to our future, Dr. Meredith Evans and Friends librarian, Adrienne Almeida during a recent tour of the School.

Class of 1993

We are sad to report the untimely death of James Cooke on January 1, 2023. His obituary can be found here.

Class of 1998

Adam Dressner was featured recently in an article in the NY Post discussing his practice of painting parkgoers in Washington Square Park. "It's all about the connection," he says. Check out the article here (with photos by fellow alumnus, Stephen Yang '03!)

Class of 2000

On January 10, 2023 Michio Aida was part of the Epidaurus Health team that was officially issued a patent, Patent No.: US 11552785 B2.

Class of 2002

Annie Dressner has released a new live album titled "10 Days." There is a cover by Chas & Dave and Suede and four new originals, as well as the six from our EP "48 Hours."

They are duets from my tour this summer as the project I worked on for the better part of a year last year, resulting in my duo project David Ford & Annie Dressner.

Last month Ben Diskant came to Friends to read and sing through his new musical in Steve Borowka’s class. This is a brand new musical and our students were the very first to bring these words to life. Steve shared, “This was a great experience where our students gave Ben feedback and shared their thoughts on the script and songs as he continues to make edits in hopes of publishing the work.”

Class of 2015

Annah Heckman will serve on a Bard Works panel for young alumni who work in social justice at Bard, her alma mater.


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