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Class Notes

Class of 1952

As reported by Martha Green

Jean Olson reports, "I continue to feel blessed to be healthy and busy in our retirement community. Tom is active with climate change and drama. I am occupied with family, exercise and water colors. We spent a few days with Martha Green in beautiful Maine. My German grandson has moved to Boston with his family, Italian wife and three little ones. They are exhausting and delightful."

Class of 1957

As reported by John Schwartz

I am sad to share that Glenna Ferris Burckel passed away on March 17, 2023.

Class of 1959

As reported by Abigail Thomas

Abigail Thomas's latest book, Still Life At Eighty: The Next Interesting Thing, has just been published. She loves being old, life is so much simpler than being young. It is her eighth book. Stephen King calls it “A little jewel box of a book, full of epiphanies that are comforting and merciless in the gentlest possible way.” He says “Thomas is the Emily Dickinson of memoir.”

Class of 1965

As reported by Scott Garren

After 20 years of spending half the year cruising on our sailboat, Scott Free, we swallowed the anchor and sold her. Both she and we were getting too old to carry on, so she found new, younger owners. Now we are spending winters land-cruising in our RV. We enjoyed a visit with Emily Rizzo on our way through Florida. After many years as a lapsed Quaker, I am now a member of the Wilderness Meeting in Shrewsbury, Vermont which feels in many ways like returning home. We are expecting our ninth grandchild in July, and may wonders never cease.

Laura Davidson Tanna shares, The Lady of Silk and Steel, From Everest to Embassies, Ian Randle Publishers, 2020 is the memoir I wrote with Amb. Sue Cobb, a real role model for today’s women. I've been writing for over 40 years for The Gleaner, the oldest continuously published newspaper in the Western Hemisphere and am a Trustee of the Press Association of Jamaica. For over a decade I’ve also been writing articles for Jamaque Paradis magazine, produced by a premier Caribbean and Latin American media company known for creating high quality content. Two of my favorite articles were ones I did on “The Marvelous Museums of Qatar” in Doha and the “The Aga Khan Museum in Toronto.” Meeting Prince William and Kate in Kingston, Jamaica last year resulted in my article “The Royal Visit,” in the Platinum Edition, Paradis V15/n 33 pp70-83. The British press was so biased, making fun of them riding in a vintage Land Rover, rather than noting that they attended the Commissioning Ceremony for graduates from the Caribbean Military Academy’s initial Officer Training Program, with the world's ONLY female head of the military, Rear Admiral Antoinette Wemyss Gorman.

Susan Reid writes, “I continue to live in the South of France (Caunes-Minervois) with my husband Jay Merrin. This is a tiny village in the rustic outback that has somehow attracted people from all over the world (27 nationalities identified in a recent census). We love the versatility of living here—so easy to travel within Europe and beyond, e.g. last week in Rome to meet friends, this week to Geneva to connect with one of our children who is passing through. Jay and I are enthusiastic supporters of the Music Festival de Caunes-Minervois, held each year in August. Anyone planning a trip to France this summer? We’d encourage you to consider participating in the Festival: Meilleurs voeux à tous!”

Emily Rizzo shares, “In spite of the disheartening politics in Florida, my husband John Kesich and I have decided to stay here in Venice where we are both active in the Sea Turtle Patrol program, and I volunteer doing data work for the Sarasota County Democratic Party. After smashing up our second car and my right wrist last year, I no longer do patient escorting at Planned Parenthood but instead have become a Feline Correspondent for a local cat shelter (somebody has to write those thank you letters to sponsors of resident cats). By living very carefully, we have both avoided COVID but have resumed traveling with a trip to Malta last November and a driving trip through the Balkans this March. We just submitted our application to Bay Village in Sarasota, a life care community, but hope to put off entering for many years yet.”

Peter Garretson shares, “I haven't been up to much. My university library here at Florida State University has accepted the donation of my family papers, and so I've been working with them to get them organized and cataloged for the last few years. It has taken an amazing amount of time! I never dreamed it would take so long. Along the way, I’ve written a biography of my uncle. He was a member of the “greatest generation” and was shot down in 1944 in the Pacific, after he had organized the first “night fighters” off the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier. I was named after him and had always wondered about his life. It turned out that the aircraft carrier from which he took his last flight was the Intrepid, which now sits on the Hudson at about 45th Street! Rufina and I travel to Spain each summer (except once during Covid) and stay with her 93-year-old mother. Otherwise, I greatly enjoy my retirement here in Tallahassee.”

Carl Waldman writes, “I'm still in Cherry Valley most of the time. I do return to the city regularly to help manage and do repairs on the house on MacDougal Street that my sister, Anne, and I have managed to hold onto. My son, Devin, a jazz musician, lives there part of the time, as did my daughter, Chloe, who used to teach in the city. She's now in Connecticut with her husband and my nine-year-old granddaughter, Mavis. I keep busy both writing as in the past and playing in local bands. I'm also involved with the nonprofit that purchased and runs the Old Cherry Valley School, where we have a community center and host events and workshops. We also recently received a state grant for low-income senior housing and have tenants in ten apartments. I'm working primarily in fiction now. For those who like mysteries, I have two books up on Amazon—Noir Rehab and Fancy Dancer—with a third in the series, Ibizan Run, hopefully, to be published by the end of the year.”

Class of 1967

As reported by Pierre Lehu

Leslie Rahl reports, “I have three pieces of family news to share. Mason Irving Rahl (named after my dad) was born to my youngest son Kevin and his wife Lindsey on 2/22/23.

2. Our almost 40-year-old son Stephen married his girlfriend Jo on January, 12, 2023 after an eight-year courtship.

3. My mom turned 100 on December, 25, 2022.

Class of 1980

We are sad to announce the passing of Hugh Fulton '80.

Class of 1985

Willie Perdomo will be reading his poetry at the 92nd Street Y on Thursday, May 4. Click here for more information.

Class of 2010

Lindz Amer was recently featured by the School in celebration of National Trans Day of Visibility. Read the story here.

Class of 2011

Andrew Ghalili has joined the National Union For Democracy in Iran as a Senior Policy Analyst.


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