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Class Notes

Class Notes are shared on a monthly basis here in the Alumni Update. Are you celebrating a milestone? Moving to a new city? Finally learning French? Please reach out to your Class Secretary to share your news and look out for it in a future Update.

Class of 1953

Lancaster Bradford Greene (Brad), was born on December 30, 1935 and died on October 20, 2021. He passed away from a heart attack at NYU Medical Center. Brad was the only child of Lancaster Myron Greene and Nadine Welliver Greene. Brad, an Army veteran, attended Friends Seminary from 1941 to 1949, graduated from Phillips Academy in Andover Mass., and in 1960 from Williams College. Brad also studied at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He worked at the Chemical Bank New York Trust Company, Moseley Hallgarten & Estabrook, Tucker Anthony, and Brill Securities. In 1964, he married Anne Fitchen ‘61; the marriage lasted three years. They had one daughter, Eleanor. Brad married Catherine A. Johnston in 1968, who died in 1970. They had one daughter Catherine ‘88. Brad maintained involvement with the 15th Street Meeting, Pennington House and Friends Seminary. His father had been the chair of the fundraising committee for the 1964 Hunter Hall building.

Brad is survived by his two daughters, Eleanor Greene Dunne (Ian) and Catherine Allison Greene ‘88, two grandchildren and his girlfriend Ruth Klain.

Class of 1955

As reported by Gail Tirana

It is with sadness that we announce the death of an honorary member of the class of 1955, Paul Allersmeyer's wife, Isa. Born in Germany, Isa worked in six countries, learning the languages; she and Paul met at a chamber music concert in the early 70s in NYC. Among their many shared interests was travel: 110 countries: all seven continents, including the Arctic and Antarctic and the world’s many deserts. We loved hearing about their adventures at our near-annual reunions. Isa, with her warmth and enthusiasms, was a joy added to our class. We will miss her and send love to Paul.

Class of 1956

As reported by Gretchen Walther Dumler

I'm still living in the country. I have no notion of returning to living on 57th St...and after awhile I gave up on needing to figure that out. I go in, infrequently, for Dr.s & have started dipping back into theater, museums, even meeting a friend "out".... but am always thrilled to jump back on the train & return to this blessed, beautiful place. I am grateful & thankful to be able to live here..... til'.... Whenever!

Miriam Browne Poole

This has not been a good year for me, nor my brother Timothy Browne, class 1958. In January he developed Covid, after having collapsed on the floor in his apt. Had his cell near, and called 911, and he was taken to the hospital. He was so looking forward to getting the vaccine, but it was early in the vaccine process, and for him it was too late when it was approved. It was an agonizing 7+ months of trying to get in touch with him, having no visitors, developing pneumonia, going into a coma for 5 days, and so often not lucid when I called him. Finally, on Aug. 3, he slipped away.

He was my last sibling, and we were closest, only 2 1/2 yrs. apart, and we shared so many memories of things we did together. We took turns getting into trouble as kids, sometimes together. For 18 years he led a lonely life, having lost his wife in 2003. He began having health problems, most notably heart and severe arthritis. I tried to visit from Colorado as often as I could, but that was limited. We begged him to come out here, but he was an avid New Yorker. He was a brilliant man, but down played that, he invented so many things but never obtained a patent. His sense of humor was well known, and will miss that in our phone conversations. It’s hard not having any siblings any more to share memories. I have children, grandchildren and even 3 great grandchildren, with another on the way in Feb. Problem is that so many live out of state. Certainly noticing the climate change this fall. Still no noticeable snowfall, we broke the record today, beating the old back in 1934! We did have one of the most beautiful fall coloring I can remember in all the 48 years living here. Even with the drought, our fire season was not as bad as last year, when our outdoor patio meals were curtailed by choking smoke. So as the old, lousy mask wearing year comes to a close, and with constant news of violence and shootings, let's search out the good, even if we have to work hard to see it. It IS there, communities coming together when some crisis occurs, people extending a friendly hand. Trouble is, that doesn't sell as much as bad news. Life will never be perfect for any of us, but when we drive through the beautiful Rockies, hear the birds in the spring around our house and watch hummingbirds visit our feeders, that is what brings me peace. Like Gretty, I don't miss living in NY, it was good while it lasted, but Colorado is our home. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, there are things to be thankful for out there!

Elizabeth Meade Howard

As far as news, mostly trying to stay upright and so far so good. I’m still talking up my book, “Aging Famously: Follow Those You Admire To Living Long and Well.” Looking forward to visiting NYC when all is clear again. Thanks for your efforts for Friends!

Class of 1958

We have been informed of the passing of Timothy Browne on August 8, 2021 after a long illness. We are holding his family and friends in the Light.

Class of 1963

As reported by David Lowry '63

I am mostly retired, although I still do work with the New Jersey Association of Independent School on accreditations. We live across the river from Manhattan, so not far from home. We have two grandchildren, aged 4 and 7, who live with my daughter and son-in-law in D.C. My son is a lawyer in San Francisco, a great place to visit.

Antoinette (T’Nette) Mendlow Kuzminski

I am a retired physician living on a farm in upstate NY, married since college to the same lovely guy, and trying to figure out a new persona after retirement.

Melanie Buse Bussel

Life is fairly slow, ever since Covid locked us down. My 98-year-old husband, Norm, is still doing well and walks a mile on the treadmill every day. He's no longer doing speaking engagements on his WWII POW experiences, but still helps me file disability claims for veterans, something we've been doing as volunteers for the last 25 years. I try to walk my rescued Rottweiler, Ella, about a mile each day, so have stayed reasonably in shape. Still singing (have a weekly lesson with my voice teacher) and can still manage about 4 octaves. Have been the Soprano Section leader for a local choral group, the Taghkanic Chorale, for about 30 years. Also busy at my Episcopal church, although Covid restrictions have stopped me from bringing communion out to shut-ins.

Stephanie Van Hoorn

I’ve moved to Bonny Doon in the Santa Cruz mountains, where I’m living with my daughter and son-in-law. The house and its surroundings are beautiful, and we three are enjoying a marvelous love triangle.

Class of 1972

As reported by Emily Medine

I would like to invite all interested parties to form a 50th Reunion Committee to prepare for this most auspicious occasion (despite how shocking this is). Our 50th reunion is scheduled for the third weekend of May (20-22). I hope we can get a good turnout and work to encourage those who may not have previously attended a reunion to join in this celebration. Please reach out to me at if you are interested and we can start the planning soon.

Class of 1973

Oren Jacoby ’73 recently directed a documentary, “On Broadway.” You can read more here.

Class of 1976

As reported by Suzanne Telsey

Scott Sklar writes: “My news is that my ‘not every really retiring...retirement project’ of opening a rock climbing gym has finally happened. The Gravity Vault Marin opened in August it has been an exciting adventure so far. Climbing is a very social sport and these gyms are really about creating community as much as rock climbing, and we already have a great community of members. If anyone gets to the San Francisco bay area, please come and visit!”

Frances Walton reports: “I was awarded CDFA’s lifetime achievement award at their annual summit recently. CDFA is the Council for Development Finance Agencies (basically the industry group for economic development). I sat on their board for many years and was the president for several. They gave a heart-warming tribute.”

Ali Silvert has written a true crime book entitled The Mailbox Conspiracy about his representation of Gerard Puana who was framed for a crime he did not commit by the Honolulu Chief of Police and his high-ranking prosecutor wife. Ali's efforts to uncover the truth led to the biggest public corruption case in Hawaii history that is still on-going. The book is currently available on Kindle or through Watermark Publishing House, and will be on Amazon and in bookstores on December 20th. WNET-TV is partnering with AARP to do a series of TV shows on AARP's podcasts called "The Perfect Scam," and they have chosen the Puana case for the pilot. They already shot it and it’s due out in January or February 2022.

Class of 2015

Shiraz Fazli was recently on the cover of New York Magazine. To read more click here.


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