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Class Notes

Class of 1949

Pictured (left to right) Devan, Trupti, Edes Gilbert '49, Michael, Alisha and Ashley at the Saint Louis Club in Clayton, Missouri.

Class of 1960

As reported By C. MacNeil Mitchell '60

Cathy and Fellow Friends Classmates

Laura and I are now living full-time in Amagansett (between East Hampton and Montauk) in what used to be our summer cottage. We have put in mini-splits (heat pumps) which are economical and provide both heating and air conditioning. I strongly recommend them as quite money-saving, at least after you pay the capital cost of installing them.

Living close to the Atlantic Ocean is a breeze (pardon the pun) and refreshes us each day. We especially like the Winter, when we have the beach to ourselves and our faithful dog, Foxi Ladi. Our daughter Abigail and 3 grandchildren live in Evanston, and our bachelor son Ian lives in NY City (and has a convertible sofa on which we sleep when in town for doctors, Philharmonic and NYC Ballet). We stay active by exercising at the local East Hampton Rec Center and a lot of walking on the beach. Knocking on wood, our combined infirmities so far are minor and we can enjoy independent living.

We hope you are all doing equally well, and definitely invite you to drop in if you find yourself on the way to Eastern Long Island.

Class of 1971

As reported by Laura Ward '71

Laura Ward '71 was featured in the Netflix TV Miniseries 'Get Gotti'.

Michael and Barry White '71 in St Louis, Missouri.

Class of 1980

As reported by Sarah Edmunds Goodwin '80

Dear Class of 1980, as many of you have heard, we lost our classmate and old friend Hugh Fulton '80. Mary Beth Davis '80 sent this to Michael Golden '80 and we wanted to include it in our alumni class notes for the whole Friends community. We appreciate all the messages that so many of our classmates have sent in and know that we plan to include them in later editions. Love to you all.

“Unexpectedly, I lost my best friend, Hugh Fulton '80, this year at the end of March. My sister, Laura K. Davis-Chanin '79, and I said he was our brother. The other Friends alumni he was very close to was Jan (Grossman) Rothstein '79, whom he met through Laura K. Davis-Chanin '79. Hugh Fulton '80 and I met when I was 12 at St.Luke's Middle School in Greenwich Village. He and I were in the same class, and then he and I went to Friends. He was at Friends briefly, I'm not sure if he was there for a year. He became fast friends with Peter Brandt '80. The three of us hung out a lot. Hugh was smart, quick-witted, funny, unpredictable, a troublemaker, and a good friend. He had many tumultuous years but found his true calling, an entrepreneur. He was always selling stuff as a kid, he sold buttons/pins at The Rocky Horror Picture Show and I know some of you remember seeing him there. He ended up in DC where I was as well. He went through some more up and down years and eventually moved to Florida where he opened a store: Bali Importers in Lake Worth, FL. He went to Bali twice a year (before Bali was what it is today) and brought back jewelry, sculptures, and lots of small trinkets. It was and is a success. We spoke every few weeks and I visited him a few times and got some free merch over the years. His niece, Hannah Showack, has taken over the store now so it is open if you're ever in the area. More info on Hugh and his store: Hugh made me feel less alone in this world and I will miss him for the rest of my days."

Class of 1982

As reported by Elizabeth Baer ’82

Elizabeth Baer ’82 recently made the decision to retire from classroom teaching, and while she doesn't miss all the deadlines and meetings, she thoroughly misses emulating Phil Schwartz on a daily basis! She has not retired entirely from all her endeavors, and continues to write a food column for her local paper the Berkshire Eagle, to do freelance copyediting and proofreading, and to tutor Latin and ancient Greek remotely. She and her husband Hank are enjoying the flexibility of not being on a school schedule, especially as it means they can more easily visit their grandchildren who don't live near them: Naomi, born July 2022 and Beatrice, born July 2023.

John Finkle ’82 writes: Hi Friends - After connecting with Liz Baer '82, I just wanted to provide a brief update. About 20 years ago I switched careers from being a practicing cardiologist to focusing on drug safety for pharmaceutical companies. Currently, I am employed by a Bay Area biotech that is developing therapies for rare diseases. I manage a team of specialists who evaluate safety data, especially potential side effects, and ensure that we optimize the safety of every compound in clinical trials. I really enjoy feeling like I'm contributing to developing therapeutics for entire populations of patients and continuing to utilize my medical expertise. As a result of COVID-19, many companies allow for remote working. My fiancé, Jill, and I decided to move from Philadelphia to Sarasota with our herd of dogs and cats and are enjoying the weather and year round outdoor activities. I still visit NYC, and my father has the same apartment in the Village that I grew up in (and for those of you who may remember, it hasn't changed a bit). I really miss my classmates.

Class of 1992

Daisy de Plume '92’s most recent article ‘15 Best Things To Do With Kids In Paris’ was featured in Conde Nast Traveller online magazine. Click here to read.


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