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Class Notes

The following are Class Notes submitted from alumni. Have news you'd like to share with fellow alumni? Email

Class of 1952

We are sad to report that Nathaniel "Nat" Cooke ’52 passed away on July 29, 2023, and his wife Nancy passed the following day. Nat’s obituary can be found here. Please join us in holding the surviving family members in the Light.

As reported by Martha Manheim Greene ’52:

Ben Shalette ’52 writes: “We remain in Florida with age related medical issues but can't complain. Travel and sports are no longer a possibility but meeting with friends and family is still a joy.”

Peter Stack ’52 writes: “This past year I had the opportunity to hear Yuja Wang at the Rose Theater and, more recently, Holiday Brass at the David Geffen Hall. The total redo of that venue is still mind boggling to me. Balky knees have caused me to curtail my skiing but not my love for the sport which I embraced with a passion during my 6 years in Switzerland. I went up to Killington to watch Mikaela Shiffrin (2x Olympian) compete in a number of races. She is undoubtedly the greatest skier the sport has ever known. A beautiful young woman with talent and personality to match. With best wishes for the New Year.”

Grover Wald ’52 writes: “Some combination of progressive deterioration, further decline of the body as life moves along and residual impairment from a fall produced muscle weakness, impaired thought processes, and weaker memory and thereby restricted the pursuit of many activities. Luckily I had already satisfied my interests in many of them - photography, woodworking, kayaking and many years of weekly sailing the marvelous Melonseed Skiff. Fortunately, I can spend a lot of time reading history and biography. With the prominence of the Ukrainian and Middle Eastern wars I can fill out the gaps of my knowledge of the Holocaust and learned of some of the remarkable deeds done by courageous Jews. One of the saddest issues is the Ukraine, where initially resourceful tactics turned the Ukrainian assertion to a rout of the Russians, only to lose the support of the Western Allies at a critical stage. Given our bad luck with persecution over two thousand years, it is good to be mindful of what troubles could suddenly emerge and be prepared to deal with them. In recent years we have not been bothered by overt anti-semitism - now it has reached global proportions. I am hopeful there will be a recovery for Israel, albeit one with a sad wake of destruction and a loss of many of the people who had made Israel a thriving nation and an authentic democracy. I have been blessed with wonderful children and grandchildren, as well as having a remarkable and capable wife. With hope for less violence and more reason in 2024.”

Class of 1957

As reported by John Schwartz ’57:

“I was distressed to hear that Bob Lewis ’56, had passed away. Many years ago, at a holiday celebration at a fire house on Eastern Long Island, I approached a celebrant saying “You’re Bob Lewis,” to which he responded “Yes, I am, but don’t tell me who you are; let me get it: Steve Rostand ’57, no; Dave Wartels ’57, no...,”at which point I interrupted saying “You’re very close” before identifying myself.

Joan Wheeler Morgan ’57 has become a media celebrity, after finding an overdue library book in the cottage in Hot Springs, Va. that had been shared by Joanie’s mother and stepfather; Joanie returned the book (by Joseph Conrad) to the Larchmont Public Library, just short of 90 years overdue. The newspaper and tv commentators loved the story and Joanie.

Deirdre Malone Westgate ’57 tells us her jazz singer daughter, Madeleine Peyroux, will be releasing a new record of original compositions in August entitled “Let’s Walk.”

Gay Menkel Ernst ’57 is happy with her move to Florida near her family and they all share the credit from successful dog and horse competitions.”

Class of 1980

As reported by Sarah Goodwin ’80:

“Congratulations to Cameron Gordon ’80 on his second wedding anniversary! Cameron writes from his home in Canberra, Australia to report that he has retired from (paid) academia and has recently published “Many Possible Worlds”, an interdisciplinary history of the world economy since 1800.

Bayard Carlin ’80 has also retired from his career in tech, but as this is his third attempt, we’ll see if it sticks. Bayard lives in San Francisco and is looking forward to spending more time in the warm, salt water of Mexico.

Marie Frohling ’80 is still dividing her time between Berlin and Cape Cod, translating, painting, and enjoying her four adult sons!

Paul Weathered ’80 opened a restaurant with his family, and some legal help from Tom Law, called Mill & Main. Next time you’re in Kerhonkson, NY, check it out!

My husband Danny and I (Sarah Goodwin ‘80) spent six years living in Washington D.C. (and seeing a lot of John Wolf ’80 & family) before returning to Charlotte, NC. Our three kids are grown and living and working up and down the Eastern seaboard, so the dream of moving back to San Francisco will stay on hold. I spend lots of time with friends, at the gym, and on the golf course.”

Class of 1987

Sean Cavanaugh '87’s new exhibit ‘Eyes on Nature, The Art of Sean Cavanaugh' will be on display at the Morris Museum from February 23-May, 26, 2024. Click here to learn more.


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