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Class Notes

Class of 1956

As reported by Gretchen Dumler:

Miriam Poole shares, “I can't make Reunion this year, but if I'm still around next year, who knows! My body is making weird, creaking sounds, the hearing is nearly shot, missing teeth, a sagging chin that trips me when I walk, but if there is anything left of me, I'll certainly give it a try. Thanks, Gretty, for being the glue trying to keep us together, either in body or virtually. And Eddie, really enjoyed your email! Here's an idea for next year, let's dig out our graduation attire, and come in those! Except I remember I dyed my white dress blue, looked like tie dye, horrible! Does anyone remember who their partner was walking down the grand F.S. aisle at the conclusion of graduation? Think mine was Mac Jones, who may have been as tall as I was And the "In Gotham Town There Stands A School" etc. always brought tears to my eyes, even with one teacher I couldn't stand, and a close second with another, who I only disliked. And one who I felt so deeply sorry for, Eddie I don't know if you came after Mr. Wilcox, good teacher, very sad life. Still have a couple of things from the lower grades, remember the ditto machines? I wrote an ongoing serial mystery for the Oblivian, and it got banned finally as being too graphic! I think I still have one issue with one episode. My dreams of becoming a Pulitzer Prize winner like big brother Malcolm dashed! This rambling email of memories is far longer than I planned, have a good summer. We're looking forward to another season of wildfires, bad in the west, so dry! But you Easterners have high humidity and hurricanes. Auf wiedersehn, a bien tot, Miriam.

P.S. Anyone remember how many were in our senior class? I'm thinking 23? Almost like being tutored!

Ed Carroll shares, “Thank goodness for you, Gretty. Our 50th was amazing and I so wanted a 60th; but what I got paled in comparison to the 50th, which should not have been a disappointment because it was wonderful to see the mates who came (And there was always the blessing of the Saidenberg’s). Living in Arizona presents too much of a challenge this year to make an appearance at Reunion even though fortune has not hampered the strength of body, spirit and desire. I seem not to be getting the message that the time of an 84 year old exists in a different dimension than that of a 60 year old, and I will continue until a superior force convinces me to reconsider. That being said, I propose we plan to gather next year to celebrate the end of our first year of High School and to renew our congratulations to the senior class of 1953 in concert with the present class of 2026. With a year to plan, I personally will be able to include Reunion with our drive to our cottage in Canada, which is also Rachel’s birth community. It would mean adding some miles to the trip, driving from the Mexican border to New York and then to the Thousand Island crossing into Canada rather than our normal diagonal traversed to Detroit. However, it would nostalgically reprise our original route to the cottage from 1947 New York but years before today’s interstates. Speaking of yesteryear’s travel, does anyone else remember an extraordinary, as I remember it, gathering in the Meeting House to hear some growing up advice. As I remember it, and vividly so, we were treated to an expert on post pubescent relationships, dating, courting and marriage and the recent abolition of Blue Law restrictions on contraceptives. What I remember most vividly was his advice to any couple considering marriage to borrow a newborn and an old car and head out across the country. He promised that if a prospective couple could make such a trip and keep their relationship and desire for one another intact, they were ready for marriage. See you next year. Hopefully and fondly, Ed.”

Class of 1970 and 1975

Gail I. Hessol ’70 and Nancy A. Hessol ’75 stopped by 16th for a tour of the School

Class of 2003

Perri Cohen and John Byrne at Friends Day of Service. Perri Cohen is the Director of Outreach & Engagement at the AFYA Foundation.

Class of 2005

On Monday May 2, Sarah Derbew will be delivering a lecture about her book: "Untangling Blackness in Greek Antiquity." Those interested in attending, should use this link to preregister for the event.


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