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Class Notes

The following are Class Notes submitted from alumni. Have news you'd like to share with fellow alumni, email

Class of 1955

As reported by Gail Tirana

The class of ’55 had its annual reunion in May. Those who could join the Zoom were happy to be together and interested in each other’s doings—family, community, reading interests and more. It was a treat seeing Polly after a long time; she joined from Florida. Julie in S.F. couldn’t come at the last minute for a good reason: her granddaughter’s team playoffs. Liz called in from Key West. Anne with Bill in Connecticut, Jackson in Maryland, Arthur in Pennsylvania, Ellen in Westchester, Peter and I in NYC. The list attests to the upside of virtual meetings, gathering despite geography, but even more to the joy that, 67 years later, we’re still a group of friends! We hope to meet again in the fall.

Class of 1957

We are sorry to share the passing of Stephen F. Ramseyer on August 11, 2022. Our thoughts are with his family. Please join us in holding him in the Light.

Class of 1975

By Nancy Hessol

Remembering Betsy

I remember Betsy (born Elizabeth Lewis Marshall), with her long silky blond hair, porcelain skin, and tomboy athleticism. She was the youngest of three sisters, a mother to two young men, a cat lover. Betsy lived in Stuyvesant Town for her first 30 years, earned a master’s degree in Library Science, and worked as a librarian. She then moved to Arizona with her husband and young family where she continued her career as a librarian. Life was not always easy for Betsy, and it took a toll on her health. Nonetheless, I prefer to remember Betsy with her long hair blowing in the wind as she swung with reckless abandon on the swings in the playground.

Rest in peace my friend.

Class of 1976

As reported by Suzanne Telsey

Chris Gibbs: “I spent the last semester as a Fellow at the American Academy in Berlin and saw Michael Kimmelman ’76, who was a distinguished visitor at the Academy for a week, and also Capers Rubin ’76, who has lived in Berlin for many years. I saw Spencer Mason ’76 in Stuttgart when I was giving a lecture there. It was a fabulous six months despite the pandemic restrictions and nearby war in Ukraine.”

Barbara Gittleman Hainline: “There’s a bit of nice Gittleman-Hainline news. Our daughter just got engaged to her dear longtime BF. We are happy and excited, and look forward to attending her wedding in person (our son was married early in the pandemic, pre-vax, and we had to attend via Zoom.)”

Alice Stern: “I have retired after 22 years as Library Director at the Winsor School, and 40 years as a librarian. I look forward to traveling, reading, knitting, spinning (yarn), and spending extended summers in Maine.”

Class of 1983

Jason Ablin’s book, “The Gender Equation in Schools: How to Create Equity and Fairness for All Students,” was published in June.

Class of 1992

As reported by Jessica Wapner:

Michael Bachrach has been spending the summer in Galena, Illinois, a home away from home for his family where his daughter, Eve, can go horseback riding and swimming and Michael can practice his grill skills. He was very happy to see Lila, Aundrea, Cara, Ben, Karthik and Jacob, as well as Maisha Yearwood ’90 at the reunion a few months ago. He’s also been in touch with Daisy and Gypsy Lovett ’93.

Probably like the rest of us, Set Cruz is amazed that it has already been 30 years since we graduated high school.

Dave Zirin’s daughter is heading to college this fall and his son is starting high school, which is messing with his mind as much as it being 30 years since graduation is messing with Set Cruz’s. He’s currently working on a book about historian Howard Zinn — a departure from his usual focus on the world of sports — and is still living in the DC area.

Ben Needham sent some photographs from northern California and Tahoe, places where he’s been camping and finding well being as life marches on.

Ben Needham’s shoes at Steep Ravine campsite

I, Jessica Wapner, am living in rural New York, where my two children are now in high school, and am currently focused on developing podcasts and other forms of nonfiction storytelling for eyes and ears.

Warm regards to all Class of 92’ers.

Class of 2009

As reported by Lauren Chin:

Sophia Fox-Dichter is starting a PhD in Planning and Public Policy in the fall while keeping up with fiber arts hobbies.


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