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Constance Black Engle ’54

September 27, 1936 - August 12, 2021


As written by Richard M. Sallick ’54

Constance Black Engle and I were classmates at Friends graduating in 1954. I was very sad to hear that Connie suffered a stroke and soon thereafter that she had died.

Connie grew up in Greenwich Village, went to school there and then to Friends and loved both. For many years she had lived in Michigan and North Carolina.

Connie was an expert librarian who used her skills to stay in touch and do a lot for our class. Always active and energetic she kept us in touch, enjoyed singing and bell ringing, traveling and her family.

Connie came to reunions and often stayed with Gay Sourian Cropper who brought us together at her lovely home where we enjoyed festive dinners. These were wonderful occasions! Great opportunities to see and enjoy each other. I think they also brought Connie back to her roots in New York City and to the Quaker values which we had been imbued with while at Friends.

After learning that Connie was ill, I called and spoke with her husband Earl. He passed the phone to Connie. It was evident that her verbal communication was very limited but her frustration was clearly painful.

I am grateful for having known her and for all she shared and did with us.


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