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Global Education Program Explores Energy Demand and Infrastructure

How we adapt to the next two decades of energy demand and infrastructure will dictate the course of the planet for the next millennia. Through a recent trip through Friends' global education program, twenty Upper School students traveled to Niagara Falls to explore the history of hydroelectric power, on both the American and Canadian sides of the river, through guided tours and immersive experiences.

Later in the school year, students will travel to an abandoned coal mine in central PA; to a working nuclear power facility in southern CT; to a solar power infrastructure in NYC; and finally, to the largest offshore wind turbine project in the US, off the coast of Block Island, RI.

These experiences will address a broad range of queries, and introduce students to the technology, politics, past, present, and future of renewable energy in the United States. engage with the intertwining interests of energy generation in this country, as well as the social equity issues surrounding them.

Trip leaders included History Teacher Peter Kalajian, Science Teacher Matthew Dilley, and Leitzel Schoen, Director of Global Education and Assistant Head of School for Co-Curricular Programs. View more photos from the trip here.

Calling all alums working in the renewable energy sector! We are working on the next issue of Meetinghouse, the Friends community magazine, and we are looking to consult with (and possibly feature) alums who are working in this field. If you're in this line of work, and interested in participating, please email Michael Mudho at

We are also searching for illustrators who are interested in contributing to Meetinghouse! For more information, please contact Michael Mudho.


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