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Letter from the Director of Alumni Relations

Pictured (left to right) Dan Cavaletto ’91, Jim Infantino ’83, Michael Mudho, Lucas Miller ’84, Linda Baer ’85, John Byrne, Keith Smith ’83, Shoshanna Grossman Goldberg ’96, Jeremy Yamin ’83, Cristina (Goldstein) Johnson ’96, Jonathan Kaufman ’74, Katrina (Yamin) Yolen ’85 and Corey Diamond ’88

Dear Friends,

I hope this letter finds you well. With all that has taken place in the world, please know that Friends Seminary is holding you in the Light. Your Alma Mater continues to be a place where students are offered space to share their feelings and concerns and engage in meaningful conversations.

Last month I had the honor of visiting Friends alumni in Boston. I traveled with Faculty Emeritus John Byrne (1980-2023), and we were hosted by Jeremy Yamin ’83 in his home in Cambridge. During our gathering, Alumni shared stories and recalled pivotal moments in their lives while students at Friends, as well as memorable moments with former teacher, John Byrne. The following day, John Byrne and I visited college students in the Boston area and received a wonderful tour of Harvard by Tenzin Gund-Morrow ’22. I am extremely thankful to our host, Jeremy Yamin ’83, and all the wonderful alumni whom I met for their warm welcome and hospitality. It was so nice to hear almost unanimously from all alumni, that their time at Friends has been one of the most consequential experiences of their lives. I look forward to our next gathering in Washington DC, hopefully in December.

In Stewardship,

Michael Mudho

Director of Alumni Relations


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