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Letter from the Director of Alumni Relations

Pictured from left to right: Back row: John Byrne, Michio Aida '00, Susan Jones '75, Melissa Bannett '75, Cole Kendall '74, David Oppenheimer '76, Ahden Islam '22. Front Row: Ben Shapiro '23, Theodora Lyne '23, Michael Mudho, Carlyn Ward ’74, Josh Wachs ’89 and Matt Ross ’89.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." –Nelson Mandela

As we celebrate Black History this month, I’m grateful to be able to hear and witness the wonderful work alumni are doing across the country and indeed around the world, a testament to the education and teachers who taught them at Friends Seminary.

Last month I traveled with Faculty Emeritus John Byrne to Washington D.C. for a gathering of alumni from classes that spanned across four decades. I am very thankful to our gracious host, Josh Wachs ’89, and all the alumni who attended the event. In our conversation, alumni spoke about the importance of silence and silent meeting. For many alumni sitting in silence in the 15th Street Meetinghouse is the first time they recall taking time for intentional reflection. Today, the Meetinghouse continues to be a place where the issues and challenges of the day are discussed, providing a space for Friends students’ voices and reflection.

Visiting the School may not be as easy for those of you who no longer live near New York City, but even from afar you can make your presence felt. You can connect with peers by attending a regional event, give back by volunteering and continuing the Friends commitment to service, and by supporting the School with a gift. I am grateful for the chance to bring you closer to the School throughout the year with this newsletter, and I hope to hear from you all soon!

In stewardship,

Michael Mudho

Associate Director of Advancement for Alumni Relations


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