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Letter from the Director of Alumni Relations

Dear Friends,

We have had lots of activity inside and outside the classroom. Although I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions, I’ve intentionally made a point to highlight the work being done in our Lower School. To truly get a sense of what the Friends experience is like, understanding what the youngest members of our community are learning in their classes is essential. Recently, I had the opportunity to sit in on the Kindergarten class of Dance & PE Teacher Adia Whitaker, where the students have been learning about Kenyan and Tanzanian culture and dance. It was impressive to hear the students count from one to ten in Kiswahili, something I struggle with! I was able to give the students a brief lesson about the Luo community I come from and teach them some Dholuo words and greetings. Lastly, in this newsletter you will also read about some of the Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) work Lower School students are doing in their classes. As we celebrate Black History Month, we are fortunate to highlight Jennifer Strong ’87 who was instrumental in the formation of C.A.R.E. at Friends. The future is as bright as ever at Friends.

In friendship,

Michael Mudho

Associate Director of Advancement for Alumni Relations

P.S. Next week the School will be sending a community-wide survey via email. We hope you will participate by sharing your observation and ideas, as well as your perspective on ideas being considered for the future.


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