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Letter from the Director of Alumni Relations

Shine Your Light

Schuyler Allen-Kalb '86 and Mark Doty '86 speak at Friends Benefit 2023: Shine Your Light

Dear Friends,

Spring is finally here!

After a relaxing and much needed break, students, faculty and staff have returned to campus to finish up the last three months of the school year. It was so wonderful to attend my second Friends Benefit. From the student performances to the alumni, parents, faculty and staff in attendance, it was truly a wonderful event. To see more photos from the event click here. Our days are longer, flowers are in bloom and the heavy coats have been stored away. These signs of spring mean that it’s almost time for Reunion 2023!

I am excited to be able to celebrate all alumni, especially those marking a Reunion year! We have an exciting program planned which will include the following faculty seminars: “Creating Belonging at Friends” with Kirsti Peters, Director of Diversity, Equity & Belonging, “Figures of Journey and Homecoming” with Maria Fahey, English Teacher, Meditation with Denman Tuzo, Academic Center Director, and Music and Storytelling with Kindergarten teacher Judy Anderson ’66 and so much more! I hope you’ll join us through the weekend for the chance to meet new and old faces alike! I look forward to celebrating Harriet Burnett, John Byrne, Michael Miller and Paul Quatinez as our Emeriti honorees. Click here to register for Reunion 2023.

In friendship,

Michael Mudho

Associate Director of Advancement for Alumni Relations


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