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Performing Arts Teacher, Bob Rosen, Retires at The End of The School Year

After 37 years of service to Friends Seminary, Bob Rosen will retire this June. He spent his time at Friends teaching instrument technique and jazz history, and led the jazz ensembles. Bob worked with countless students, many of whom have gone on to careers in music, and all of whom have gained an appreciation for making and sharing music. In the jazz format, Bob helps students connect to so much more than the notes on the page—students join the larger conversation among musicians that explore the connection between emotion, spirit and cultural expression that comes from sharing music. In 2023 Bob was awarded the Teri Hassid Art of Teaching Award.

Evan Pazner ’95 shares that, “Bob is an exceptional teacher, mentor and friend. When I think back on the years with him at Friends, what I remember most is the fun and joy he infused into our classes. He loves music, and he helped us all to love it too. It is no wonder that so many of his students have gone on to careers in music. I’m sure Bob will be missed at Friends, but the echoes of his teachings will reverberate for many years to come.”

Stay tuned for more information on plans to celebrate Bob and his many years of dedicated service to Friends Seminary.


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