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Philanthropy at Friends

Your Legacy Lives On

Story by Sasha High

Every year, Seniors at Friends Seminary are asked to participate in a Senior Gift project. Unlike other gifts to the School, this Senior Gift is led by students—they choose the gift they would like to dedicate the funds to, they solicit their friends, family members, and loved ones to give, and they work together to reach 100% participation. Every year, the purpose of the Senior Gift changes to reflect the interests of each unique class. While this Senior Gift has been an annual tradition for decades, student participation in the process began in 2021.

Each Senior Gift is an impactful legacy gift, including in past years endowed and current funds to support financial aid, funding to pay guest speakers, support for library programming, sustainability initiatives, performing arts, and more. Over the next few issues of this newsletter, we will highlight some of these funds, celebrating their legacy, current needs, and their impact on students, faculty, and community members every year.

We hope that these stories remind you of your class’s Senior Gift—do you remember what it was? If you’re interested in giving to your fund, please reach out to Michael Mudho.


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