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Philanthropy at Friends

Your Gifts to Fund an Education

Story by Sasha High

For the next few issues, we are excited to spotlight a selection of the incredible Senior Gift endowment funds that have been created and funded by our alumni community.

Before graduating, Seniors and their parents are asked to give a Senior Gift to honor their education at Friends Seminary. The purpose and proceeds of this support differ every year, depending on the priorities of the Class. This month, we are highlighting a gift that has come up for multiple graduating classes - the gift of an education.

The following class funds provide financial aid support:

  • Class of 1975 Scholarship Fund

  • Class of 1990 Scholarship Fund

  • Class of 2004 Scholarship Fund

  • Class of 2013 Endowed Fund for Supplemental Financial Aid

  • Class of 2014 Fund for Financial Aid for Children of Faculty and Staff

  • Class of 2021 Financial Aid Endowment

  • Class of 2022 Endowment for Financial Aid for Students of Color

  • Class of 2023 Endowment for Financial Aid

Financial aid support at Friends Seminary extends to all facets that make a Friends Seminary education possible. This includes curriculum programming, ongoing professional development for faculty and staff, school plays, competitive sports teams led by dedicated coaches, a variety of student clubs, provision of healthy and nourishing breakfast, lunch, and snacks daily, and the maintenance of a secure school environment.

Beyond tuition, there are additional costs associated with a Friends Seminary education included with financial aid consideration, including student MetroCards, school bus service, Early Bird (supervised play and breakfast before the school day begins), After Owls (our after-school program), external tutoring, test prep, instrument purchases, school trips and more.

If you would like to make a gift to your class’s fund to support the long arc of support that is so meaningful to the culture of our school, please click here.


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