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Phyllis Nemhauser ’68

January 4, 1951 - July 22, 2021


As written by Barbara Kates-Garnick ’68

Phyllis represented the best of Friends. She lived on East 10th Street at the edge of Tompkins Park in the heart of the East Village. Her brother Glenn was a class above and her sister Jane, two years below. Her dad was a local doctor whose patients were the people of the neighborhood. Her mom, Vivian, we all later learned, was a pioneering female aviator during World War 2. Phyllis honored her mother by producing a video, “Wind and Stars,”which documented her mother’s flying career. In high school, Phyllis captured the spirit of the 1960s: its creativity, its vitality, its non-conformity. Creativity, sensitivity, and a gentle probing were ways to characterize Phyllis. Although I did not know her beyond high school, having read about her life’s journey—her family, her commitment to her town of Bradford, Vermont, her dedication to her students at Dartmouth, her civic engagement—all had their beginnings at Friends. In Vermont, Phyllis ran a restaurant named “Figaros.” Those of us who knew Phyllis in high

school, can be assured that its name came from Café Figaro at the intersection of MacDougal and Bleeker Streets, where Phyllis enjoyed spending hours, reading and contemplating the state of the world. It was always special to be invited to sit there at her table, sip espresso and share ideas.


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