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Class Notes

Class of 1957

As reported by John Schwartz:

Betsy Gummey Pemberton reports that Australia has lifted most pandemic restrictions, but cases continue, so she is still masking; she and Ian are booked to be in Greece again in October through November to finish some archaeological projects in Corinth, keeping their fingers crossed that another horrible variant does not appear.

D.D. Malone Westgate tells us that masks are no longer required in France after March 14 but there are still cases all over the country, and she is planning a trip in April to New York, where her daughter, jazz singer Madeleine Peyroux, lives; D.D. sent us an interview with Madeleine at a Kentucky radio station, featuring a song Madi had written about what it means to be an American; Madi also had a concert near Birmingham, Ala., where she had a reunion with Steve and Kathy Rostand; in addition to Madi’s concert, Steve and Kathy have also resumed their attendance at symphony concerts.

Mike Bourdrez, who has rented a share in a house in San Miguel de Allende for the month of March, advises that Mexico is still strict about masking and most restaurants take your temperature before letting you in; Mike is planning more travel this year—to Israel and Holland and then to Spain.

Mickey Spett describes his most interesting trip in the last two years as to their dining room, where it was a nice change from eating in the kitchen; Mickey and Lynn have closed their office in Westfield, N.J., but not their psychology practice, seeing more patients now virtually than they did before the pandemic because they have less administrative work to do.

Suzy Dry Boynton feels spring coming in Colorado and has noticed that the employees at Safeway are now unmasked.

Ira Ross writes from Greensboro, N.C., that he is still working at Spartan Planning and that he and Ginny have bought an “interval” share in a beach property on Pawleys Island, S.C. with 12 other couples; Ginny’s grandson, Reid, who is now a sophomore at Auburn, is one of the top 100- and 200-yard breaststroke swimmers in the USA.

Gay Menkel Ernst is celebrating the birth of her first great-grandson and is happy in her house in Florida and enjoying closeness with her family.

John Schwartz is still working for the New York State Attorney General’s Office, but he and Sandy have stayed close to home in New York (one block from Friends).

Merrill Cates, also still in New York, regrets that she has so little news, complaining: “I have had to give up everything that made me interesting.” Many of our classmates are still in touch by email, including Joanie Wheeler Morgan, who recently sent us all some very welcome encouragement from the Sonoma Valley; Joanie also shared the story of the music practice room she and her brother Bill dedicated at Syracuse University in honor of their mother and the plans of the Director of the Setnor School of Music at the University to record one of her mother’s ragtime compositions.

Class of 1972

Amanda Lewis has published a new book,These Are Not the Words.

Class of 1994

Martha Wainwright has published a memoir, Stories I Might Regret Telling You. You can read an excerpt that mentions her time at Friends Seminary here.

Class of 1996

David King has a new book about his cross-country bike ride that was recently released. You can read more about it here.

Class of 2007

As reported by Rachel Colberg-Parseghian

Chris Lipinski and his partner have opened a farm-to-table Chinese restaurant in West Virginia. Check them out on Instagram at @thehutongwv.

Lizzie Dolan is engaged and they are excited for their wedding date!

Class of 2020

Janell Hemby ’20 and Gabby Rachman ’20 stopped by 16th Street to visit the School during their spring break.


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