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Robert “Bob” Lewis ’56

October 11, 1938 - April 24, 2023


As written by Jed Davis ’56

Bob and I met in 1952 at Friends. We were close friends until he died. I was present for his final hours of life, and his moving funeral with his loved ones.

Bob was a remarkably loving, generous man.

Bob’s beloved wife, Barbara, had a heart attack while walking in Manhattan about eight years ago. She suffered serious brain damage; was in a coma for a long time; and when she came out of it, she didn’t know Bob. When it came time for her to leave the hospital for a long-term care facility, Bob insisted on taking her back to their apartment although she needed 24-hour care. Because of his remarkable devotion, Barbara regained some brain function. When I saw them during those years, although she spoke little, she was engaged in the conversation and laughed appropriately at Bob’s humorous comments. It was a miracle of Bob’s doing that Barbara survived him.

Bob and Barbara have two wonderful children, who could not have been more devoted during the last very difficult years.

Bob is sorely missed by all who knew him and particularly his children, his wonderful sister, Joanne—with whom he spoke every day—his patients, his beloved former patient, Luisamaria Carlile, who became his devoted helper, and me.


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